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Injection blow moulding

Used for production of most PET and RPET plastic bottles

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Injection blow moulding diagram

Recognising the issues of eco-design, we recently invested in 36 fully electric injection moulding machines, enabling us to develop greener energy sources.

As the only French manufacturer with such a large fleet of machines, we can offer our customers greener, more sustainable products. Switching to fully electric operation is thus synonymous with green electricity, no water pollution and the lowest energy consumption on the market.
We are adding to this environmental approach by replacing all our dryers with ultra-low-consumption models.

What is injection blow moulding?
Plastic injection blow moulding is a process used to manufacture most plastic bottles.

  • The preformed plastic is heated.
  • A rod stretches the preformed plastic to the bottom of the mould.
  • A powerful jet of air pushes the material against the interior of the mould. The preform thus takes shape and the mould is cooled and then opened.
  • The mould is then cooled so that the preform, which has now become a plastic bottle, can be removed.

To change the shape of the bottle, we just change the mould.

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To achieve its economic and financial performance targets, the PLAST’FINANCES Group is investing in a new ERP package enabling it to restructure its management system, implement a quality system and control and monitor performance indicators.


To guarantee maximum quality and safety for its products, the PLAST’FINANCES Group applies a continuous improvement approach that involves audits of its manufacturing stations and the optimisation of its material flows and locations.


To widen its range of bottles and caps, the PLAST’FINANCES Group has set up a Research and Development team focused on renewing its products, creating new ranges and designing products using new materials.