Eco-design approach

We incorporate an eco-design approach into the manufacture of our bottles, containers and caps

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Life cycle


The PLAST’FINANCES Group has been awarded the first European label recognising the actions of plastic manufacturers to support the circular economy and the use of recycled plastics in production: the MORE label.
The MORE label was developed by the French Plastics and Composites Federation and is awarded to manufacturers sourcing recycled plastic materials for their production. Every year, the recipients of the award are selected on the basis of declarations of the volumes of recycled raw materials consumed.


The ISO 9001 standard incorporates various aspects of quality management, including consideration of customer needs, the motivation and involvement of the senior management team, processes and a continuous improvement approach.
Achieving this quality certification represents a real guarantee for the PLAST'FINANCES Group that the products and services requested by its customers are consistent and compliant with the standard. Customer satisfaction is our commercial priority.


The EcoVadis rating is based on a number of non-financial management systems, with consequences in areas such as the environment, Employment & Human Rights, Ethics and Responsible Procurement. Each company is rated on these major issues according to its size, location and area of activity. Currently undergoing certification, the PLAST’FINANCES Group is being evaluated according to all the criteria relating to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Continuing our commitment, our teams are trained in the correct application of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy in order to obtain this certification.

Our values


We are proud that all our bottles, containers (jerrycans, spray bottles=CAPS) and caps are produced in the Ain region in France. That’s why the PLAST’FINANCES Group is a member of French Fab and has Origin’Ain certification.

Our group sets itself ambitious objectives: innovating, modernising its means of production, always adapting, performing strongly and attracting customers while contributing to the energy transition.
We are proud to represent French skills and expertise at international level.


As the environment is now a major concern, the PLAST’FINANCES Group has invested in an eco-design policy for the production of our bottles and caps.

That’s why our products can now be manufactured using innovative materials made from recycled plastic. This reduces the weight of our bottles at source.